Another Timmerman to be published this Fall!

My brother’s doctoral dissertation is going to be published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology in November. You can read the abstract HERE. Have a taste:

Exercise training or higher levels of physical activity are known to exert anti-inflammatory effects. CD14+CD16+ monocytes are potent producers of inflammatory proteins, and elevated levels of these “inflammatory” monocytes have been implicated in disease development. Little is known about the influence of exercise training on this cell population.

People back home often refer to Kyle as the smart one. An argument that I disagree with by pointing to tales of lost keys, drowned cell phones, and temporary lapses of common sense as evidence that he is not.

Although, when I read stuff like this, I start to agree with them.

If Kyle is…

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My book is for sale?

Books-a-Million has three of my books for sale. I have no idea how or why. They are listed in their “hard-to-find inventory” section, which doesn’t make much sense, since the book hasn’t been published!

There are three copies total, and two of them are hardcover. When I first saw them I figured they were just advanced advanced readers copies that Wiley gave out at BookExpo America.

Either that or they are fully-edited and fact-checked copies from the future. If that’s the case, they are drastically underpriced….

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Your goals are making me feel inadequate

Author Stephenie Meyer was interviewed in yesterday’s USA Today. Currently she is dominating the bestseller lists (3 of the 4 top spots on the USA Today’s top 100). In the interview they refer to her as the “next J.K. Rowling,” which is always an overstatement, but overstated time-and-time again, just like the “next Michael Jordan” is in basketball.

What she had to say about the overstatement: “There will never be another J.K. Rowling. That’s a lot of pressure on me, isn’t it? I’m just happy being Stephenie Meyer. That’s cool enough for me.”

Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, and Lebron James all have said a similar version of that.

As fans we’re rarely satisfied with what we’ve got, so we always search for the second-coming…

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