2008 was the year of the book at the Timmerman household.

January: signed contract to write book and hoped like hell I could do so before April. I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

March: Our only trip of the year, we went to Utah for my bro’s wedding

January to April: I was absolutely no fun, unless your idea of fun is watching someone slave away at the computer. Annie was a saint. I don’t think she complained once about the evenings and weekends I spent plugging away. I turned in my manuscript on time. Hooray!

Summer: Went on one vacation water-skiing. Reviewed, revised book. Road-tripped to the DNC where I learned that bird watching is bird porn.

November: WAIW? was reviewed in TIME Magazine. The issue was almost impossible to fine because it was the Obama-is-our-next-President commemorative issue.

December: Book released and book pimping began.

Although it may have been the year of the book, another story stole the shoe – the pending arrival of baby Timmerman. We were hoping she’d arrive this month for a number of reasons, including Annie is sick of being pregnant, and a host of grownup reasons (as Annie puts it: “Goodbye tax deduction, Hello new deductible!).

2009 will be the year of the baby (unless something happens in the next few hours) and, because of that, I don’t think I’ve ever look forward to a coming year more.

So, Happy New Year! If you want to keep up-to-date with baby Timmerman’s arrival whenever that is, follow me on Twitter. I plan on tweeting the big event.

Mrs. M says:

Kelsey, I am checking daily to see what is happening with Mommy Annie and Baby Timmerman. Too bad I have not the least idea what “twittering” is. Good luck to all three Timmermans. I hope this reply gets posted… it is the third attempt today! I am hopelessly behind in this new age of electronic mailings!
Mrs. M

Kelsey says:

Congratulations! It got posted! Thanks for your persistence. Still no action on the baby front. Annie has an appointment on Tuesday. If she hasn’t had the baby by then, they’ll probably schedule a time to induce.

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