Congratulations to John Scalzi

I first started reading the works and blog of writer John Scalzi after reading about him in the local paper. He lives in a small town next to the small town which is next to my small town.

“Really,” I thought, “a science fiction writer in Darke County?”

Scalzi is much more than a science fiction writer. He’s written about poverty in America, visiting a creationism museum in Kentucky, and he, perhaps most famously, has taped bacon to a cat.

This weekend he won a Hugo award. This validates all the time I’ve spent reading his blog and all of his books. Go me.

I haven’t won any award since my Best Mental Attitude Kung Fu award in 2001, so I have to vicariously live through the awards of others. Especially since, as everyone knows, that Best Mental Attitude awards are usually given to the people who sucks so bad at something that everyone is amazed they don’t give up.

(I’ve also won Best Mental Attitude in Golf, which I’ve since finally got a clue and have given up.)

Anyhow, way to go John Scalzi and way to go me for reading almost everything he has written. If you aren’t reading John Scalzi, you should be.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

His story on the Creation Museum was hilarious! Good stuff.

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