Adventures of an Engaged Consumer: Why Patagonia Rocks

An inquiry I directed to Patagonia’s customer service via their online form:

I’m about to place an order from your sale, but would like to know where
the items I’ll be purchasing are from. Could you tell me where the
following items were made:

1. Fezzman shirt
2. Go-fer Tee
3. Men’s all-wear cargo shorts



Less than an hour later their response:

Hi Kelsey,

The M’S FEZZMAN SHIRT, M’S GO-FER SHIRT, and M’S ALL-WEAR CARGO SHORTS are made in Thailand. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Have a great day!

Kelly Customer Service

After learning that they were made in Thailand, I visited their Footprint Chronicles feature and viewed a video of the factory they came from.

As an engaged consumer, that’s a company I can support.

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Kyle Timmerman says:

The Fezzman shirt is my birthday gift, right?

Melissa says:

That’s right–your birthday is approaching…I suppose since you’re coming up so soon after it you’re going to be expecting The Cake…

Kelsey says:

Kyle I was planning buying you the flux capacitor for your bike, but I guess if you want the Fezzman shirt you can have it.

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