To jet-ski or not to jet-ski

I’ve never been much of a fan of the jet-ski. I’ve always looked at them as reckless boat parasites that tailed skiers too close in search of wakes to jump.

This weekend when I found myself on a jet-ski having fun, I was a bit surprised. I had been on jet-skis before and they never really did it for me. But I never had been on a jet-ski with my nephew, Jared, 4.

That little guy sat in front of me urging me to go faster and to do more tricks. He made motor sounds. He talked to himself as if he were at the wheel of a race car or spaceship. Who knows?

We had a blast. Check us out…

Jet-ski studs

Jenn says:

Wow, that water is really green!

Kelsey says:

That water is disgusting. Imagine Guinness Beer on St. Patty’s day, except with more debris. It grossest water I’ve ever been in.

Emily says:

Detergent to clean our beach towels…. $10
Fuel for the jet-ski………. $ 40
Time with Uncle KELS on the jet-ski… PRICELESS

Thanks for a fun weekend!!!

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