Sweatshop the Game


Does anyone remember the computer game Hot Dog stand in which you buy the hotdog, the buns, etc, and you see if you can make your little hot dog business work?

Well Sim-Sweatshop is kinda like that except instead of selling hot dogs for a profit you make shoes for a loss. Okay, other than they are both less than elementary introductions to economics, they’re nothing alike.

The goal of Sim-Sweatshop is to make three shoes in a day to earn your full day’s worth of pay – $6.05. You do this by dragging the parts of a shoe together. It’s frustrating, which I suppose is the point, because the game constantly interrupts you to eat or join a union or to buy your daughter some shoes. The closest I got to reaching my daily quota was 2 2/3rds pairs of shoes.

Do you think you have the mouse ability to be a successful shoe assembler?


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Melissa says:

I’m not sure how I feel about this game…

I did manage to (barely) make 3 shoes in one day. It was stressful–I really had to rush. And I like to take my time when I eat, not quickly rush so I can get back to work.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Try as I might, I couldn’t make 3 pair. SIM sweatshop is hard!

Jenn says:

Wow, Melissa, you’re fast! I apparently am not cut out to make shoes–never completed more than one pair. Tragic.

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