Warning: this blog isn’t for reading…it’s not a flotation device either

This weekend my brother got married (I’ll post about that later with a photo or two) in Salt Lake City. Annie and I flew out on Thursday and back on Sunday. The trip to and from Salt Lake marks several travel firsts for me:

1) I had never been to SLC before. Ooh, pretty mountains.
2) I had never pulled wheeled luggage through an airport before.
3) I had never used one of those neck pillows on a flight before.

Two and three are signs of becoming a rapidly aging traveler. Soon I’ll probably be zipping through the airport on a beeping golf cart making remarks about young whippersnappers with long hair and overweight people.

On closer examination of the neck pillow, I discovered the following phrase: “Not for sleeping.”

I guarantee the company that made the pillow markets them with people on planes sleeping comfortably. Yet their lawyers and some medical professional tells them that they could cover their asses from any sleeping/neck pillow injuries if they stuck a stupid “not for sleeping” tag. I’m half tempted to fake an injury and sue them to see if the warning will hold up in court.

This is almost as stupid as an inner tube not to be used as an flotation device.

Drowning guy (panicking): Help!!! I’m drowning!

Sunbather: Sorry, all I have is this here inner tube which can’t be used as a flotation device.

Drowning guy: blurb…blurb…sputter…(dies)

Rachael says:

too bad this blog aint for reading….I’m just going through my bloglines and deleting the ones I really don’t have time to keep up with….this one was going to be a keeper….but only if you don’t sue me…..

Kent says:

Wheeled Luggage?! Who are you?!

Kelsey says:

I’m sorry Kent. We got the luggage as a wedding gift and fancy-boy clothes just don’t travel well in my Kelty backpack.

If it’s any consolation, I only took one pair of underwear for three days. I washed them each night in the sink and dried them with the hotel blow dryer. Also, I ate packets of crackers and salt and pepper form Wendy’s for free every meal.

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