Can you spell it?

It is a word that I’m pretty sure I have never correctly spelled in my entire life. And, as a 3-time Spelling Bee Champion of Mississinawa Valley Middle School, I like to think that’s saying something. Lucky for me, I don’t think they ever include diarrhea in spelling bees due to its unseemly nature. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be so jealous of my 3 shiny spelling bee trophies because I wouldn’t have them.

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Lynne says:

What made you decide to share this question/thought with us?

Kent says:

We didn’t have Spelling Bees in school. I wish we did!

Kelsey says:

Lynne, If you must know, I was writing about how lucky we are that we don’t have to worry about a simple thing like diarrhea killing us.

Kent, I always wondered why Canadians were such bad spellers.

Eva says:

I always thought there was an ‘o’ in it somewhere… After the ‘h’ maybe?

A kid in my seventh-grade class won $1000 in a private spelling bee and I was so mad at my parents for not entering me. I could have totally out-spelled him.

Matt says:

You went to Mississinawa Valley Middle School. If you didn’t win the spelling bee 3 times I would be disappointed; most of those people still can’t read.

Kelsey says:

Eva, I just looked it up and there are multiple spellings of the word. I guess one of them is the English spelling. Not sure which one.

Matt, your just jealous. Part of the reason I won was that I only had like 10 people to compete against.

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