The Adventures of Everyman, accessible hero of the Midwest

My agent and I are going back and forth with the proposal right now and we hope to send it out before the end of the month. Her latest version included the following sentences:

I can be the “everyman” for any American consumer out there, I’m just that humanly accessible! Although I am quite ordinary in many ways, I do have some credentials to back up the credibility of Where am I Wearing? …

This passage cracked me up. I’m that humanly accessible, but in a way, you know, I’m super-humanly normal.

Is there anything less normal than a normal guy that will tell you how normal he is?

I see where she is going with this: we need to set myself as the average American consumer. Although, I got a great kick out of it, I’ll probably try to tone down my normality so I seem a little more normal.

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Matt says:

If you include the phrase “humanly accessible,” I’ll never talk to you again.

Kelsey says:

You just wish you were as humanly accessible as I am. Anyhow, I’ve cut it from the proposal already.

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