Amish Country

I live about 30 minutes from Amish Country. I appreciate the fact the Amish live such a different lifestyle and have been able to maintain that lifestyle in our culture. I’m all about the cultural preservation. Go Amish!

A trip through Amish Country is always interesting. Today, I stopped at a McDonald’s for my vanilla ice cream fix and in back of the McDonald’s was a hitchin’ post.

Mental image: an Amish guy driving his team of horses munching on a Big Mac with a little special sauce stuck in his beard.

A few years back, an Amish guy gave me the finger when I slowed down to give his acting-up horse a wide berth. I thought, “Can he do that?”

But, you know, I feel a little closer to my Amish American brethren knowing that they eat Big Macs and fly the bird.

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