Cosmo Kramer in Cambodia Contemplating Cosmos

Are you a celebrity? Did your image take a nose dive after you were arrested for giving underage midgets shots of Tequila intravenously while attending a folk music festival in Alaska? Or maybe you were doing stand-up and completely lost your cool stringing together a long chain of racial slurs captured on a cell phone?

Forget rehab? Travel. Get away, to somewhere exotic where you can talk to the press about things like the spirituality in stone and walk around the slums holding HIV babies.

Michael Richards is the latest celebrity to escape. I would be interested to know if the fella who wrote this story found Richards or Richards found him. Is Richards trip an image-cleaner campaign, a vacation, or spiritual search for the meaning of life?

Richards on the people of Cambodia and Angkor: “At first, I was a little bit struck by the poverty, but when I leaned in I could see how open-hearted the Cambodian people are, and I was touched by it,” Richards said. “I’d always wanted to take a trip to the Far East. It’s a place I’d never been. I knew of Angkor Wat and I’d seen pictures, so we decided, ‘Let’s go for this.’ It’s amazing: You can walk around and it’s all hands-on in the temples, it’s not roped off. Seeing spirituality in stone is inspiring.”

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