This hotel room has lots of stuff…


…2 fire extinguishers in it and 8 more waiting outside.

…2 fire masks so, in case you use all 10 fire extinguishers and there is still a fire, you can dawn a mask and, instead of passing out from smoke inhalation, you will be fully conscious as you burn to death.

Fire Masks

…2 nightstands with switches. I am truly the master of my domain. There is not an appliance or light that I can’t control simply by rolling over.

Night Table Control Center

…midnight phone calls: “You want girl for massage?” I guess it’s hard to find a hotel in these parts where “massages” aren’t offered at all hours of the night. And NO I didn’t get the midnight massage. I’m hurt. Do you even know me?

So why is this one of my all-time favorite hotel rooms? This is why…


And if you want to learn more about “Where I Am” checkout this interview over at WorldHum.

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Melissa says:

Hmmm…if it was me, I would be a little concerned that they are that prepared for a fire…does one of those fancy buttons operate the fire extinguisher?

Kelsey says:

I’ve pressed every button and turned every knob. I can assure you that in the event of a fire I’m probably screwed. I’m on the 14th floor!

jv says:

Movin’ on up, eh? Make sure you hit up the market in Guangzhou, it’s a blast.

BTW, nice coup on the World Hum feature. You’re big time now!

Kyle says:

That’s quite a view!

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