“Spit Propaganda”

Reasons China shouldn’t change: The fact that we are discussing “spit propaganda” in a comment thread. And have a real life scientist (at least she claims to be) weighing her spit on her university’s dime.

Without China and all of its spitters none of this would have been possible. Different is good, China! Ignore all of the anti-spit propaganda. You live in a free country (kinda). You should be able to hack up some phlegm and spit it out whenever you darn well feel like it.

I hope I never see the day when China stops spitting. I’ve never been to Singapore, but a country that will punish you for spitting on the street is not a country I care to visit. I like places with personality. I like places with spitters.

So, please people of China, ignore posters like this…

Spit Propaganda

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Melissa says:

Well, you know, since I don’t have to clean up any of Kyle’s lab messes anymore I have a little free time in my schedule.

(and yes–this time I am making fun of you, Kyle)

Kent says:

Idiosyncrasies give a country flavour and personality… normally I would agree with you Kelsey, but on the carpet though?!? It’s a bit much.

Kelsey says:

Kent, I was starting to feel guilty for moaning about all of the spitting, so I considered the opposite situation of Singapore.

Spotless places just don’t do it for me. I would honestly rather visit a place where people spit on the carpet as opposed to a place where you are given jail time for spitting on the street.

Plus, in China I can walk around feeling “etiquettely” superior. Where in Singapore, I might get tossed in jail for spitting while jogging.

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