What do making Jeans and Bowling have in common?


These workers would rather not do either.

I took them bowling. Nails were broken. Heavy balls were heaved. And sore arms were rubbed. It didn’t take.

My extensive, highly-scientific, ground-breaking research has turned up yet another amazing discovery that will contribute to the human knowledge-base…

Garment workers don’t like bowling.

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Joel says:

sounds like the time we tried to feed Mexican food to some retirees in Taiwan. One whiff and that was it – they were done.

Kelsey says:

Joel your life is definitely interesting.

If you people out there haven’t checked out Joel’s blog, China Hope Live, do it (click on his name or look in the My links sidebar). Apparently when he’s not feeding Mexican food to Taiwanese retirees, he’s teaching sex-ed to the Chinese. A man of man talents.

Joel says:

sex… we’re big fans. But we’re in China for the Mandarin, not the sex (just to clear that up!).

Do you still accept underwear photos? I’m trying to choose between two pairs to send in at the moment.

About the sex stuff (for anyone interested)… We were fortunate enough to cross paths with a Dr. Eddie Parish and his family, a PhD sex therapist who teaches Marriage and Family Therapy and relational intimacy among other things, when he’s not receiving families at his hermitage. Certainly not your typical dinner table conversation partners, but it completely changed the way we understand human relationships and intimacy. When we see college kids basically at the mercy of the media, we enjoy giving them some options to think about. No doubt we’ve corrupted all his academically respectable material, but it sure is fun to teach.

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