Granny was a Garment Worker

Levis continues to rock. In the very near future I will be touring one of the factories that produce their jeans. Is it weird that I’m excited to see how my blue jeans are made?

I was talking with my Grandma Wilt today, updating her on my progress here in Cambodia, when she chimed in with an interesting bit o’ tid…

“I used to work in a garment factory in Versailles (OH). We made bibs for Lee…I sewed on the pockets.”

She only did the job during the summers and didn’t like it very much. The money wasn’t very good.

“The more pieces you completed the more you got paid. I was never fast enough to make much money.”

So there you have it. I’ve traveled thousands of miles at great personal expense to meet garment workers and my very own Grandma in Illinois was one.

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