Writing: Where I'm coming from

’06 was a good year all around. My writing continued to snowball towards bigger and better markets. Overall, not too shabby even though I only left the country once for less than a week.

In March at the Erma Bombeck conference in Dayton I made the contact that would eventually lead to my being published in the Christian Science Monitor. The great thing about having been published in the CSM is that everybody has heard of it. Now when I send a query letter to an editor it doesn’t look like I’m making up publications. The Key West City Paper, the Daily Advocate, The Hub, yeah – no one had ever heard of ’em.

The CSM experience also led to a staff writing position at Glucose that lasted 3 months until the magazine went under.

From ’05 to ’06 I tripled my writing work and pay. I’m hoping to have the same thing happen in ’07.

I also met Dave Barry, sailed on a Tall Ship, hiked 30 miles in 100 degree temperatures, contributed to Transitions Abroad, caught 3 grapes in my mouth at one time, hugged my dogs 19,234 times, helped my parents with the headaches that come with building a new truss plant, gave one commencement speech to fifth graders and one keynote speech at a National Honor Society induction, and, I better not forget this one… got engaged!

2006 won’t be easily forgotten

Kyle says:

Kels, that’s equvalent to hugging each dog over 13 times a day. That’s a lot of lovin’.

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