Hey baby, can I see your tag?

A few months ago I spent an evening inventorying my T-shirt collection by their MADE IN tags. Yes, my life is that exciting.

I’ve added the results of that evening’s work with my t-shirt survey. I’ve posted the results and made a link to it under the “Pages” category. Check it out – SURVEY RESULTS: Where are you wearing?

What’s cool about this process is that I was at the factory where many of the MADE IN HONDURAS shirts come from.

It’s a cool little pickup line:

“Hey baby, can I see your tag?” Imaginary suave Kelsey (ISK) says.

“Why yes,” imaginary buxom beauty (IBB) looks me up and down, “yes, you can.”

“MADE IN HONDURAS, eh? I’ve been there…” ISK goes into great detail of visiting the factory where IBB’s shirt was stitched being sure to leave out the parts about how he thought it would be a cool kind of full-circle thing if he gave the shirt to one of the workers. And that when he took off his shirt and gave it to a worker, everyone stood around marveling at how someone with such blonde hair can have such a large quantity of black body hair. People pointed, people laughed, some did both.

By the time ISK finishes his tail, IBB has moved on. Because, even in an imaginary world no one wants to listen to someone drone on about their travels. Even in an imaginary world, ISK has no game and does things like inventory items of clothing.

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